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A healthy skin is characterized by an even skin tone. Does your skin have the charm it once did? Is it even and radiant all over with no blemishes and marks?

As we age, our skin ages too! It needs a lot of care and protection for it to look glowing from the inside. An uneven skin tone could hinder your confidence and come in the way of your happiness and progress. There are various reasons for why you would develop an uneven skin tone. It could range from hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, acne and acne related scars, lifestyle choice/changes, increase in skin sensitivity and a multitude other. To achieve an even skin tone, it is important to adhere by a skin care routine that includes toning the skin. One could opt for natural remedies depending on whether the degree of pigmentation. For tougher and more prominent skin unevenness, it is advisable to seek care from a professional cosmetologist.

What is skin toning? At Tamira, we specialize in skin toning treatments that help rejuvenate the skin with a spa-like experience while addressing your skin issues medically. Our skin toning procedures are top notch and offer you an enhanced spa like experience. Dark spots, harsh sun tans, acne scars, pores are some of the mostly commonly resolved issues with the treatment. Our offering is largely individual specific and our cosmetologist will have a through discussion and decide on the treatment based on the severity of your condition, age and other important factors.

What is laser skin toning?

Laser skin toning is a gentle and non-invasive procedure that provides an instant glow by evening out the skin and leaving it free of pigments. The procedure works on the technique of selective photothermolysis where the tissues in the pigmented is are targeted for treatment. It works by transmitting waves of light and heating up a targeted region without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The melanocytes or the melanin-producing cells are gently heated up and then cooled down providing a very soothing and calm effect on the targeted cells. This causes skin to be even and more radiantly, almost immediately after the treatment. The laser skin toning treatment requires no downtime and individuals can resume work almost immediately after the procedure, though with some post-procedural care. The patient must have to go through four to five sittings/sessions to get a long lasting and optimum result.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment which works in line with the principle of laser skin toning. Beams of light are targeted on facial skin with pigments or blemishes and the skin is evened out to appear more youthful. Fine wrinkles, scars, acne relates pores, sun tan and pigments, can all be addressed with laser skin resurfacing.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a laser skin resurfacing procedure that improves the skin tone, colour and blemishes of the skin. It could include two types of lasers, an ablative laser or non-ablative laser. Ablative laser removes the top layer of the epidermis and then heats up the affected region for creating an even skin. As the epidermis regrows, a healthier skin is formed. In a non-ablative laser, the affected skin is heated up with waves and the targeted regions are made to produce new collagen which will make it appear bright.

Who should be looking for a skin toning treatment?

Individuals who are looking at having a glowing, even and bright skin, mostly facial, would be the right candidate for skin toning treatments. Since this treatment aids in the reduction of tanning, open pores, pigmentation and the overall appearance of the skin, it is recommended to individuals who are looking at having a skin treatment for important occasions too. Moreover, it is an apt treatment for individuals looking at a zero downtime and want to resume their daily activities at the earliest.

Is toning good for your skin?

Skin toning is in fact good for your skin. It helps to maintain the pH of your skin, leaving you with a much youthful and healthy skin. However, the right type of skin toning treatment or its alternatives must be decided based on the consultation with a cosmetologist. Depending on whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both, the right treatment must be chosen to make the results effective.

Is skin toning for black skin effective?

Uneven and pigmented skin does hinder with the youthfulness that otherwise would have been there. Black skin is no exception to this. Black skin would look glowing and incredible after a skin toning treatment. There are a plenty of skin toning products, devices and treatments that are specially curated to address the needs of dark skinned individuals. Moreover, in a region of inflammation or injury, the skin heals back with a more pigmented layer making it stand out from the rest of the skin. Individuals with darker skin tones are faced with this issue more than it would affect lighter skinned individuals. Dark spots and pigments can make it tough to get the glow and hence skincare must be of key importance irrespective of the colour of the skin. Regular cleansing, exfoliation, sunscreen and scrubs can be included in the home-based skin care routine. For tougher and extremely uneven skin tone, one must definitely look for an in-clinic treatment. There are chemical peels, serum, toning devices, laser treatments that concentrate on issues pertaining to dark skin and help in its resolution.

What are skin toning devices or products?

Facial toning devices uses micro currents to reach dark spots and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to result in a more even, brighter and glowing skin. There are a lot of products available today that aim at toning the skin, some of which include rollers, micro current or toning devices, micro-needling rejuvenation / regeneration tools. These skin toning machines does provide anti-aging and anti-wrinkle relief, however, it must be used after thorough consultation to avoid any side-effects.

Kinetic skin toning devices are another effective way of skin toning. These devices use isometric compression which gives the much needed massage to stimulate better circulation. This results in a better skin that is even and unpigmented.

What is the best skin toning treatment?

There is no one procedure that works well for all. Patients must consult a qualified cosmetologist who could suggest the right treatment based on the skin condition, patient’s need, age and health.

At Tamira, we specialize in microdermabrasion (scraping off dead cells), laser toning, medifacial (spa like facial with medical expertise), hydrafacial (combination of exfoliation, hydration and moisturization) and meso-toning (treatment using plant extracts, hormones and vitamins). We zero down on a treatment for you only after a thorough consultation on your skin problems.

What are the post procedural care involved with laser skin toning?

Though laser skin toning treatments are safe, one could experience minor after effects for a short duration. This would include redness, swelling, burning sensation, change in color and others.

One must strictly follow the post-procedural care that the cosmetologist would suggest. Post laser skin toning treatment one must:

  • Apply the prescribed ointment
  • Take medications or ice-pack care as suggested by the doctor
  • Avoid make up for a short duration before and after treatment
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at least for a week
  • Use a sunscreen lotion with SPF above 30
  • Take antibiotics and other medications if prescribed
  • Have a wholesome fruit rich diet
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Continue mild and regular exercises

Who should consider skin toning treatments?

Both men and women of any skin type could consider skin toning treatments. The best results are shown when these procedures are considered as an anti-aging treatment. Anybody in the age group of 30 and above could seek the treatments, as skin naturally starts to undergo the aging process around this time. However, the results of the treatment could be different from one person to another and is hugely dependent on the severity of pigmentation, scars and wrinkles. For a long term permanent result, older patients might have to resort to surgical skin toning procedures.

Pregnant women and individuals with health disorders such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and other serious conditions must stay away from skin toning treatments. At times, these procedures do not give the desired results on individuals who have lost a lot of skin due to weight loss/transformation.

What makes the skin toning treatment at Tamira stay ahead of the rest?

At Tamira, we offer you with end to end assistance in your treatment which would begin with your consultation with highly qualified cosmetologists, selection of the right procedure, treatment plans and post procedural care. We respect every individual’s choice of having cosmetic/aesthetic related procedures and stand by our value of being honest and committed in our care.

Our skin toning treatments aim at addressing your skin related issues such as uneven skin tone, skin sagging, wrinkles, discolouration, hard patches and other conditions. We adhere to the safest treatment protocol which involves assessing your skin’s reaction to lasers and supplements before getting into the complete procedure. After completion of every procedure we also put the individual through a home care skin care routine and treatment. We advise all our patients to consult a qualified cosmetologist or a plastic surgeon specialized in aesthetic treatments to choose the right option for you.

At Tamira, we offer a range of treatments which can be curated to your skin type and to address specific concerns.


Microdermabrasion is the new hype in the world of skincare. This procedure involves using a medical-grade blade to gently scrape off dead cells and peach fuzz to reveal brighter, healthier skin below. It is oft combined with a chemical peel (AHA/BHA) to attain the most effective exfoliation and the best results. Microdermabrasion results in reduced dark-spots, acne scars, tan and pores – revealing brighter, glowing, clear, smooth and rejuvenated skin.
This procedure may cause redness, tenderness and irritation. Avoiding sun exposure is advisable and using sun protection of 30+ SPF is recommended. No makeup is to be worn prior-treatment or post-treatment. There is no downtime.

Laser toning

This treatment involves using laser technology or intense pulsing laser in short bursts which aid in repairing the skin. It has been known to reduce pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, pores and fine lines. Laser toning results in smooth, even-toned, bright and plump skin.
This procedure may cause redness, tenderness and irritation. Avoiding sun exposure is advisable and using sun protection of 30+ SPF is recommended. No makeup is to be worn prior-treatment or post-treatment. There is no downtime.


A medi-facial is an individually curated spa experience, but along with the benefits of medical expertise. This facial, unlike the others, is set to target specific concerns using a combination of medical-grade treatments (chemical peels, laser, hydrafacial, oxyjet etc). Medi-facials reduce acne breakouts, pigmentation, fine lines, and pores to name a few. This treatment results in clear, smooth, glowing, even-toned and truly rejuvenated skin.
The procedure may cause redness, tenderness and irritation. Avoiding sun exposure is advisable and using sun protection of 30+ SPF is recommended. No makeup is to be worn prior-treatment or post-treatment. There is no downtime.


Hydrafacial is a newfound gem in skincare that critics swear by. It is a combination of three effective steps (exfoliation, hydration and moisturization). It uses hydro-dermabrasion technology and fuses the skin with an intensely hydrating serum which is curated to address specific skin concerns. This treatment is like a present that gives a burst of freshness and rejuvenates your skin. It reduces dryness, puffiness, fine lines, pores, acne and pigmentation. Hydrafacial results in bright, smooth, hydrated and even-toned skin which makes you look good and feel good.
This procedure may cause redness, tenderness and irritation. Avoiding sun exposure is advisable and using sun protection of 30+ SPF is recommended. No makeup is to be worn prior-treatment or post-treatment. There is no downtime.


Meso-toning or mesotherapy is a treatment that involves using a mixture of plant extracts, hormones and vitamins. Meso-toning can be delivered using small needles anywhere from 1 to 4 mm under the skin depending on the presenting concern. This treatment is not only effective in reducing concerns of pigmentation and fine lines but it is also used to reduce fat. Meso-toning results in brighter, smoother, even-toned skin along with the perks of contouring the face and neck. This aids in enhancing a wholistic youthful appearance.
Due to the delivery method, this procedure may cause redness, tenderness, bruising and irritation which generally subside under a week. Avoiding sun exposure is advisable and using sun protection of 30+ SPF is recommended. No makeup is to be worn prior-treatment or post-treatment. There is no downtime.


  • Reduces dryness, fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars and pores
  • Results in bright, clear, smooth, glowing, even-toned and plump skin
  • Enhances a youthful appearance
  • Regular and apt maintenance of the skin
  • Relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating
  • Can be individually curated
  • No downtime
  • All procedures take 1 to 2 hr
  • Very mild counter effects (redness, irritation, tenderness and bruising)
  • Minimal post-treatment care

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