Bat Ear Surgery
Bat Ear Surgery

Bat Ear Surgery

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Are you self-conscious about your bat ears? Have you been teased or ridiculed because of them? If you've been consideringbat ear correction surgery, you're not alone. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a common procedure performed to improve the appearance of the ears. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, or to correct a birth defect or injury. It is mostly performed on children and teens but can be done on adults as well.

If you're considering ear correction surgery to improve the appearance of your ears, it's important to discuss it with a surgeon. During your first meeting with the surgeon, you need to share your expectations, goals, and also medical history. The surgeon will assess your general health, perform a physical examination of your ears and take photos for before-and-after comparisons.

There are several types of ear surgery. The surgeon finalizes the type of procedure depending on individual needs.

Ear reduction:  This is the most common type of otoplasty. It's done to reduce the size of prominent or large ears. The condition is also referred to as Macrotia. 

Ear pinning:  This type of otoplasty is done to set back protruding or stick-out ears closer to the head. It's also known as Ear Setback Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty. 

Ear augmentation:  It is performed to build up underdeveloped or small ears. It uses implants to add volume to the ear structure.


Ear surgery can help in correcting conditions such as:

  • Shell ear- where certain features of the ear are absent
  • Lop ear- where the tip folds and drifts forward
  • Unusually large ear lobes
  • Protruding ears