Body Lift Surgery
Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery

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As the name mentions, a bodylift works on the shape and tone of the tissues that supports the skin and fat beneath. Abundant hanging skin and fat are eliminated and this procedure can further correct a dimpled, uneven skin surface. Body lift surgery can be utilised to treat abundant skin, cellulite and drooping fat tissues as well. Many individuals who have accomplished huge weight reduction, i.e., over 100 pounds or more due to a bariatric procedure or through diet and exercise are frequently left with a lot of saggy, loose flab of skin around the midsection, arms, thighs, hips, breasts, and buttocks. 

The skin can lax and lose its elasticity because of being expanded for a significant period of time, and usually fails to shrink back to the way it was. Also, overabundant skin can also restrict a person’s movement and result in rashes or other skin problems that might prompt infection.

The bodylift procedure is performed under a general anesthesia and can take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. The method includes various incisions, where the length and pattern rely upon the amount of skin and area that needs to be excised. This bodylift procedure will need profound stitches inside to support the basic tissue and also to enable the formation of a new shape of your body part. Some of the techniques that your doctor might recommend based on your concerns are;

  • Circumferential body lift: A circumferential body lift technique eliminates a belt of skin, subcutaneous fat and tissue in the abdomen area, skin around the waist and buttock region, which results in a younger and smoother looking body contour.
  • Upper body lift: Upper body lift surgery may Include one or more procedures that may consist of an upper arm lift, breast lift, or eliminating fat rolls on the back. Lax and saggy skin that is caused due to extreme weight reduction can be tightened and contoured with bodylift. This technique is most often chosen by mothers who have given birth. 
  • Fleur de lis (FDL): Fleur de Lis Surgery, medically known as vertical abdominoplasty or corset lipectomy is specifically designed and recommended for patients who have lost an enormous amount of weight and suffer from stretchy, loose skin. Fleur de Lis technique is mostly used in circumstances where a patient might need removal of excess skin in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Lower body lift with buttocks augmentation: At times, alongside a lower body lift, a buttock augmentation is also often combined to change the size or shape of the buttocks region either using implant technique or fat grafting technique.


  • Upper body - includes arms, breast, bra rolls
  • Abdominal area 
  • Buttocks
  • Flanks 
  • Thigh - includes inner, outer or posterior thigh, or the circumference of the thigh