Butt Implant
Butt Implant

Butt Implant

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Butt implants have grown popular in recent years and it is performed for treating poorly defined or flat buttocks. This can also be done for cosmetic reasons or to reconstruct your buttocks after an injury. The procedure involves surgically placing artificial implants in the mid of gluteal muscles and this way, there will be muscle below and above the implant.

Both buttock and breast implants are made using silicone, and the implants used for the butt are said to be more durable than the breast implants. The main benefit of the butt implant procedure is they create an excellent transformation in the buttocks. The procedure also makes the buttocks appear firm, shapely, and round.

If you are considering butt implants or wondering how much are butt implants, you must have a few consultations with the surgeon to discuss your goals, expectations, and the potential risks involved which will help you make an informed decision.

Silicone butt implants are usually performed under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will make incisions inside the butt crack or gluteal crease. Through this incision, they will create a pocket in which the implant will be placed. The position and size of the pocket will depend upon the buttock dimensions of the patient and the implant’s size.

At present, silicone butt implants come in five sizes and they are extra-large, large, medium-large, medium, and small. The size of the implant is determined as per the individual’s current buttock width and wishes. After making an incision, the physician makes a pocket in the glutes or gluteal muscle. Next, the implant is placed within this pocket and enclosed below and above by muscle. It keeps the implant in position and stops it from dropping. The implant looks and feels natural underneath the muscle.

After placement, the incisions will be closed with numerous layers of dissolvable stitches or surgical tape. A compression garment or surgical dressings will be applied to help reduce swelling and support the new shape of your buttocks.

The surgery takes around 2 hours , post which the patient will be sent to the recovery room and may be advised to go home the same day. The majority of the patient starts returning to work within one week to two weeks.