Clitoral unhooding
Clitoral unhooding

Clitoral unhooding

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The process of clitoral unhooding surgery alludes to a surgery that includes the decrease of the foreskin tissue which is the tissue that encompasses the clitoris on the top and the two sides. These skin folds are known as the clitoral hood, which are basically composed of mucocutaneous tissues - which also happens to be an important erogenous zone of the vulva. 

Its main aim is to shield the clitoris from any discomfort, pain or overstimulation. On the off chance that it were absent, the clitoris would be helpless against rubbing of garments. The recuperation time for this treatment is around 6 weeks. During this time, it is suggested that patients try not to sit however much as could be expected to forestall strain on the impacted region. 

A clitoral unhooding surgery is considered an outpatient treatment that typically takes around 1 hour, after which the patient is allowed to go home. The doctor may either use a local anesthesia to desensitise the area of treatment or may even use a general anesthesia. One methodology for diminishing the clitoral hood is the reciprocal excision of the foreskin tissues that are covering the clitoral glans, with particular regard for keeping up with the glans in the midline. Another strategy removes the excess folds of clitoral foreskin tissue, with cuts lined up with the long hub of the clitoris.

Clitoral unhooding surgery can also be done as a part of the wedge resection labiaplasty procedure, where the augmentation of the outer wedge areas is applied to lessening the foreskin tissues of the clitoral glans. However, once in a while overabundance of foreskin, in the focal point of the clitoral hood, is eliminated with discrete cuts without causing any damage to the nerves and tissues of the clitoris. The incision wound is then closed with dissolvable sutures.


Clitoral unhooding surgery is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • Issues present since birth
  • Work on the appearance of your genitalia
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Make the clitoris more open for improved sexual satisfaction
  • Decrease any irritation caused by dresses rubbing against an enlarged clitoral hood or labia