Cool Sculpting With Skin Tightening
Cool Sculpting With Skin Tightening

Cool Sculpting With Skin Tightening

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Cool Sculpting With Skin Tightening Treatment

Cool sculpting is a non-surgical fat removal technique that was invented by Dieter Manstein in 2005. The technique is also known by alternate names such as cryolipolysis and fat freezing. Cool sculpting has proven to reduce 20 to 25 percent of fat in the treated region. The technique works on the principle that adipocytes (fat cells) react to cold temperature and causes what is called apoptosis or cell death. The cells that have died is then eliminated naturally from the body with the help of the liver. Cool sculpting is done by exposing the treatment site to extreme cold temperatures and triggering the body to break down fat cells.

There are no needles or incisions needed for this procedure, and no anesthesia. The patient will be awake during the procedure and it is completely painless. An applicator will be used to provide extreme cold temperature to the targetted region. There are different sizes of applicators depending on the area and the extent of fat to be treated. In some cases more than 1 applicator will be used for the procedure. This will be decided by the cosmetic surgeon depending on the area to be treated and the patient’s expectation of fat removal from the region. The procedure is commonly used to treat regions such as the abdomen, arms, things, back and love handles.


Cool sculpting is not a weight loss technique. People who are obese might be first advised by the cosmetic surgeon to lose weight by means of exercise and diet. This procedure is done to treat a region where there is stubborn fat. 

  • Reducing abdominal fat

While treating the abdominal region, the doctor might use two or more applicators to treat the region. For treating the entire abdominal region, four applicators could be used. 

  • Reducing love handles or fat on the back 

Usually a single applicator is used to treat fat in the love handles and back. 

  • Reducing fat on the thighs 

For the thighs and the arm region, a single applicator is used. Inner thigh is a commonly treated area with cool sculpting. 

It will also be performed for reducing aft in the chin, armpits, buttocks and other regions. 


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