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Acne and its scars can be a pain in the neck. You cannot certainly remove deep scarring that is caused due to acne with just home remedies. Various cutting-edge technologies and treatments are being used on your skin to remove scarring in the safest possible way. Removing any potential acne scars greatly depends on the type of scar and how deep the scar is on the skin. One such skin treatment that works on acne scars is dermabrasion which is widely recommended by most doctors. Most people confuse dermabrasion with microdermabrasion, however, this is a completely different technique. 

What is dermabrasion? Dermabrasion is a type of exfoliating treatment technique that makes use of an instrument that rotates for removing the outer layer of the skin. This has become the most popular treatment for people who desire to improve their skin appearance. 

Since the skin resurfacing procedure uses the dermabrasion machine, your new skin will usually grow back to be a lot smoother. The dermabrasion treatment can either be done individually or may be combined with any other cosmetic procedures recommended by a doctor.

The dermabrasion procedure generally takes anywhere between a few minutes to 1 hour based on how deep your scar is and how big an area of your skin is typically involved. You should also know that it is completely common for the procedure to be done more than once or in settings especially if your scar is deep and a big area of skin needs to be treated. 

During the dermabrasion, your doctor will scrape off the topmost layer of your skin with a rough brush or a burr that has diamond particles attached to a dermabrasion machine that has a rapid motorized handle. At the time of the procedure, your doctor will keep moving around the dermabrasion machine across the skin constantly using mild pressure. This scraping will continue till the doctor attains the safest level that will ensure to make the scar or fine lines less noticeable.


The dermabrasion procedure is customized according to your skin concerns. They can reduce any skin issue to a great extent including; 

  • acne scars
  • age spots
  • fine wrinkles
  • redness or thick skin on the nose known as rhinophyma
  • scars from any injury or surgery
  • sun damage
  • tattoos
  • uneven skin tone