Ear Piercing - Needle
Ear Piercing - Needle

Ear Piercing - Needle

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Are you thinking to get your child's ears or your ears pierced? Ear piercing with a needle is a common procedure that is done using a sterile surgical needle. As it is a quick and relatively painless process, people of all age groups can get their ears pierced. Some people pierce as part of their tradition and some people opt to pierce their ears for fashion. In some cultures, ear piercing is performed for babies. Some get their ears pierced in adolescence while some wait until they are adults.

There are two kinds of ear piercing- a gun and a needle. Are you wondering which is better- ear piercing gun vs. needle? We will tell you everything about both methods so that you can make an informed decision.

Ear piercing with a needle:

The ear piercing needle is a hollow needle that is made of surgical steel. The size of the needle depends on the thickness of your earlobe. For example, if you have thin earlobes, a small-sized needle will be used. If the earlobes are thick, a larger-sized needle will be used.

The ear piercer marks the point on the earlobe where the piercing has to be made. Next, they clean the area with antiseptic. After that, they insert the needle into the earlobe through the marked spot. Once the needle is through, they slide into the earring. They will clean the area again and apply some antiseptic ointment. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

Double ear piercing with a needle:

Double ear piercing is when two piercings are placed in each earlobe. This can be done with a single needle or with two needles. The two needles are placed about 1/4 inch apart and are usually staggered so that one is slightly higher than the other. Double ear piercing is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young women.

Ear piercing with gun:

The ear piercing gun is a spring-loaded device that pushes the earring through the earlobe. It works by using a blunt-tipped needle that first pierces through the earlobe and then is quickly retracted into the gun. This process causes the earring to be pulled through the lobe and into place.