Frontal Bone Reshaping
Frontal Bone Reshaping

Frontal Bone Reshaping

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Frontal bone reduction surgery, otherwise known as forehead reshaping and contouring) is basically a craniofacial surgical treatment that is mostly performed as a part of facial feminisation procedures and for aesthetic concerns. The forehead usually makes up for about 35-40% of the whole facial surface. The forehead region usually dominates and aesthetically influences all the other facial parts and balances out every other feature. 

For instance, some individuals might feel that their forehead region is too wide or too protruding, making an 'overhanging' impact over the eyes. The forehead may likewise be lopsided in shape, or show up excessively manly or excessively female for every particular gender demeanour, or out of offset with the other facial elements. 

Aesthetic forehead surgery is performed under a general sedation. Your specialist will start by getting to the forehead by making a cut right on, or just inside, and the hairline - in the event that your hairline position may likewise require to be lowered down.

The specific technique will fluctuate somewhat from one patient to another, yet most frequently the frontal bone is osteotomized, where the bone is sliced to shorten or lengthen it or to change its arrangement, and afterward recreated to lessen the size of the forehead. The orbital bones, which are located around the eyes, are likewise reshaped to adjust the shape of the forehead.

The frontal bone, which is between the eyebrows, is then taken out, moulded and shaped, and reattached so as to not obstruct the fundamental structures of the sinus cavity.


Frontal bone reduction is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • Reduction of large forehead
  • Asymmetrical forehead
  • Broad or protruding forehead
  • Masculine forehead
  • Feminine forehead
  • Balance out other facial proportions
  • High hairlines