Gender affirmation surgery (penile & scrotum reconstruction)
Gender affirmation surgery (penile & scrotum reconstruction)

Gender affirmation surgery (penile & scrotum reconstruction)

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Gender affirmation surgery (penile & scrotum reconstruction) Treatment

The penile and scrotum reconstruction (also known as metoidioplasty) is a part of gender affirmation surgery. So, what is gender affirmation surgery?

Gender affirmation surgery procedure alludes to treatments that assist with people in transitioning to their self-distinguished gender. The method of penile and scrotum reconstruction includes changing the clitoris into a penis. The bottom gender affirmation surgery will include creating the penis, lengthening the urethra, creating the tip (glans) of the penis, creating the scrotum, removing the vagina, and positioning erectile and testicular implants.

An individual will get chemical treatment before the medical procedure to augment the clitoris for this reason. The recuperation time from female-to-male medical procedure changes, based upon the kind of methodology and factors like the individual's general wellbeing and way of life decisions.

Vaginectomy: During the metoidioplasty, the doctor likewise eliminates the vagina, in a vaginectomy. Moreover, they protract the urethra and position it through the neopenis. 

Phalloplasty: To accomplish the extending, the doctor utilises tissues from the cheek, labia minora, or different pieces of the vagina to enable the individual to pee while standing. 

Scrotoplasty: An individual might choose to have a scrotoplasty — the making of a scrotum — close by a metoidioplasty or phalloplasty. In a scrotoplasty, a doctor hollows out and repositions the labia majora to shape a scrotum and adds silicone testicular implants. 


Feminization surgery is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • Reconstruction of the penis 
  • Reconstruction of the scrotum