Gun Piercing
Gun Piercing

Gun Piercing

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There are different kinds of ear piercing and one of the most popular methods is ear piercing with gun. It consists of a hand-operated device that punctures the earlobe with a disposable surgical steel or titanium stud. The advantage of this type of piercing is that it is quick and relatively easy to do, which is why many people choose it.

When you approach a cosmetologist or physician for ear piercing, they will generally use an ear piercing gun kit. This kit contains all the materials that are necessary for the procedure, including gloves, antiseptic wipes, cotton balls, and of course, the ear piercing gun.

If you're considering getting your ear pierced with a gun, it's essential to know what the procedure entails and what the risks are. Let us discuss this in detail.

The ear piercing gun is anchored to a table or countertop, and the person being pierced sits or stands facing it. The gun uses a spring-loaded mechanism to push the stud through the earlobe.

First, the piercer will clean your earlobe with a sterile solution to prevent infection. They will then mark the spot where the piercing will be done. Once you have agreed on the placement, the piercer will load the professional ear piercing gun with a disposable earring.

They will then place the earring against your earlobe and pull the trigger, which releases the earring into your earlobe. After that, they will quickly put a backing on the earring to keep it in place.

The entire process takes just a few seconds and is generally not painful. Some people say they feel a sharp pinch when the earring is inserted, but this is usually brief and tolerable.