Inmode Embrace RF Treatment for Skin tightening
Inmode Embrace RF Treatment for Skin tightening

Inmode Embrace RF Treatment for Skin tightening

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Inmode Embrace RF Treatment for Skin tightening Treatment

Inmode Embrace RF is a minimally invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatment that can help improve the appearance of loose skin on the face and neck. The treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of skin, stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin.

The Inmode Embrace RF treatment is safe for all skin types and can be performed even on the legs, hands, thighs, and arms. It is one of the latest anti-aging skin transformation treatments. 

It is well-known that skin plays a major role in displaying signs of aging. If you want to treat problems like loose and saggy skin on the neck without any surgical procedure, skin tightening with Embrace RF is the best option.

Inmode machine consists of various applicators that can be utilized in several body parts.

Facetite- Utilizing EmbraceRF technology, Facetite serves as the best alternative to the traditional facelift.  It is best for treating the face and neck. There is no downtime or scars associated with this procedure.

Accutite- It is recommended for eyelids as well as other small areas. The RFAL technology delivers exact heating to alter adipose tissue.

Morpheus8- It is developed to thicken adipose tissue and remodel collagen. It consists of microneedling tips with various pin configurations (that are interchangeable) like Morpheus8 24 pin, Resurfacing 24 pin, and Prime 12 pin offering physicians a flexible solution to deliver the best fractional treatments. It is best for treating the small hard-to-access as well as facial soft tissue regions.


If the patient has the following concerns, they can be treated with the advanced treatment- Inmode Embrace:

  • Wrinkles, deep lines, and facial folds
  • Uneven and hard skin texture
  • Double chin or Submental fullness
  • Loose skin such as sagging neck or jowls
  • Various aging effects