Invasive RF Skin Tightening - BodyTite
Invasive RF Skin Tightening - BodyTite

Invasive RF Skin Tightening - BodyTite

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Invasive RF Skin Tightening - BodyTite Treatment

We all prefer to have a shapely and attractive body that echoes our dedication and hard work to our health. Many people work diligently through exercise and diet to accomplish the results of their dreams. However, excess skin and stubborn fat remain and do not fade away easily. It may remain hard to deal with and it even has chances to affect our self-esteem. 

Are you wondering whether it is impossible to achieve the shape you have dreamt of? Well, there is a solution- Body Tite is a surgery-free and scarless method to shape the body. It is a revolutionary procedure in the cosmetology domain. Let us discuss the treatment in detail. 

What is Body Tite? Body Tite is one of the best invasive RF skin tightening or body contouring procedures that aids in delivering results similar to surgical excisional procedures. The surgery is performed by directional RF or radiofrequency offers reduction of the subdermal connective tissue, dermis as well as adipose tissue clotting.

Benefits of Body Tite

Some of the top benefits of Body Tite are as follows:

  • Even contouring
  • Shorter recovery
  • Skin tightening
  • No scarring
  • Few side effects 

Body Tite is almost like liposuction however without the complicated surgery techniques or lengthy recovery time. The procedure depends upon RFAL or radio-frequency assisted lipolysis. It functions concurrently to remove and liquefy fat from specific problem regions and at the same time shrink the skin. Skin tightening and fat removal are given importance at the same moment as thermal energy is smeared above and under the skin. 

During the procedure, the cosmetologist may inject a combination of epinephrine (to facilitate fat removal and decrease bleeding) and local anaesthetic (for pain control) into the specific region. The injection hardens and swells the fat and helps in removal. After some time, the fat in the targeted area will melt and leave naturally. At the same time, the skin tightens because of the removal of fat. 

Body Tite is considered an exclusive body contouring procedure due to its double approach- that is skin tightening and fat removal. An ideal patient may need four to six or more sessions for best results. A single session can provide long-lasting and stunning results. If you want to preserve the results for a long time, the patient has to maintain a steady after following the Body Tite.



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