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Are you considering Invisalign treatment to help you achieve a straighter smile? 

Invisalign treatment is a great way to improve your smile without having to use old-style metal braces. The process involves wearing clear, flexible, plastic aligners that gradually shift the teeth into the anticipated position. While this treatment option is very effective, it is important to understand the process before you begin. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Invisalign treatment, from the initial consultation, before and after Invisalign to the final results. Also, we will discuss which is better: Braces or Invisalign.

Braces Vs. Invisalign

It is important to understand the difference between traditional braces and Invisalign before you decide which treatment option is right for you.

Traditional braces are made of metal and attach to the front of your teeth. They are very effective at straightening teeth but can be quite uncomfortable to wear. Invisalign, on the other hand, is a clear plastic aligner that is virtually invisible when you wear it. It is also much more comfortable to wear than braces.

So, which is better: braces or Invisalign? The answer depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a very effective way to straighten your teeth, braces may be the best option. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable and less visible option, Invisalign may be the best choice for you.

If you are anxious about starting Invisalign treatment, don’t be! The process is quite simple and can be completed in just a few steps. Here is a rundown.

Step 1: The Consultation

The first step in the Invisalign process is to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. During this visit, your orthodontist will assess your teeth and bite to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. They will also take X-rays and impressions of your teeth, which will be used to create a treatment plan. If you decide to move forward with Invisalign, your orthodontist will give you a list of before and after instructions.

Step 2: Receiving Your Aligners

Once your orthodontist has created your treatment plan, they will send it to the Invisalign laboratory. Here, your custom-made aligners will be created using state--the-art technology. Once your aligners are ready, your orthodontist will call to schedule a time for you to pick them up. Now it’s time to start wearing your aligners! 

Step 3: Wear Your Aligners

You will need to wear your aligners for at least 20 hours each day. The aligners should only be removed when you are eating, brushing your teeth, or flossing. You will need to wear each aligner for about two weeks before moving on to the next one in the series. As you progress through the aligners, your teeth will gradually move into the desired position.

Step 4: Schedule Check-Ups

During your treatment, you need to visit the office or clinic of your orthodontist or cosmetic dentist for regular check-ups. These appointments allow your orthodontist to assess your progress and make sure that your Invisalign treatment is on the right path.

Step 5: Achieve Your Straight Smile!

After you have completed your treatment and worn your final aligner, you will finally have the straight smile that you have always wanted! Your orthodontist will give you a retainer to wear at night to help keep your teeth in their new position. With proper care, your beautiful smile will last a lifetime!


Invisalign is a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a wide variety of dental conditions. Some of the most common reasons why people choose Invisalign include

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite 

If you are unhappy with your smile, Invisalign may be the right treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist today to see if Invisalign is right for you.