Laser Hair Removal - Legs

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Laser hair removal process is currently in the limelight of the cosmetic world. This procedure is the most effective for people who have dark fine hair and a lighter skin tone, but can also be successful on other skin types as well. The laser lights that are emitted through the device are placed directly on the skin, thereby destroying the roots of the hair follicles for preventing further growth. This procedure is an ideal technique if you are looking to permanently get rid of any unwanted hair on your body. You may need multiple sessions for completing the removal process and a couple of maintenance sessions every year for avoiding any minute hair growth. You may experience minimal side effects temporarily after the hair removal process. Laser hair removal process begins to show results approximately within 21 weeks from your first session, leaving you with hair-free, smooth and silky soft skin.

There may be three types of laser devices that may be used during your hair removal procedure, amongst which your doctor will use the most suitable best laser hair removal technique that matches your concern ; 

  • The diode laser technique is famous due to its speed and efficacy. This laser treatment is said to reduce unwanted hair regardless of how coarse and dark they may be, by providing deeper penetration and higher melanin absorption with its wavelength. A diode laser usually comes along with a cooling technology, or other pain minimising methods, thereby improving the efficacy of the process and decreasing patient discomfort.
  • The Nd:Yag laser technique is a procedure that is designed specially for removing unwanted hair in people who have darker skin tone or tanned skin. This laser technique is proven one of the best because it removes unwanted hair in its anagen phase.  
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a spectrum of light that usually scatters across the treatment area and directly lights at the melanin to break the hair growth cycle.  This device may not be suitable for everybody, because of its ability to only identify and target hair colour that is of a contrasting shade compared to the skin tone.


Laser hair removal is applicable only for the removal of hair growth on the face or body and does not alter the appearance and texture of your skin. Most people undergo laser hair removal for the following reasons;

  • Excessive hair growth 
  • Cosmetic concerns 
  • Permanent hair removal 
  • Not wanting to use razors or wax anymore