Liposuction with RF skin tightening - Abdomen

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Liposuction with RF skin tightening - Abdomen Treatment

Skin tightening treatments are becoming widely popular for tightening the skin or any other body part that tends to get saggy as we age. There are both invasive and non-invasive procedures that can get rid of your saggy skin. One such treatment for lax skin is the Liposuction with RF skin tightening treatment. So what is RF skin tightening? 

RF skin tightening procedure involves usage of energy waves for heating the deep layers of your skin called the dermis. This heat stimulates collagen production which contributes largely to tightening the skin using a professional RF skin tightening machine. This is a safe and minimally invasive solution for tightening the skin or any body part effectively through modular RF fractions. 

In addition to the RF skin tightening procedure, the treatment of liposuction is also  combined, to get even better results. Liposuction with RF skin tightening is becoming the new, minimally invasive procedure in the spotlight of the cosmetic field, that makes use of thermal energy while complementing the traditional technique of liposuction by dissolving the fat and stimulating collagen production for a firmer skin.

One of the primary advantages of a professional RF skin tightening machine in a liposuction procedure is that it requires only tiny incisions. Since this procedure is minimally invasive, the possibility of scarring and infections are also reduced. Most patients also experience minimal to no discomfort, bruising or at the time of recuperation. 

Liposuction with RF skin tightening is generally performed under a local anesthesia. Your doctor will make tiny incisions in the area that is being targeted for fat removal, after which a radiofrequency transmitting electrode will be embedded. The waves from the radiofrequency will be directed upwards along the fatty tissues using a different electrode that will be used to ensure that the area of treatment does not get too hot. Since the waves from the radiofrequency melt all the excess fat, they will be immediately suctioned out from the body using a cannula. The RF skin tightening machine also induces collagen production under the skin, ensuring to make the treated area look more toned and firmer. 


Liposuction with RF skin tightening is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • Breasts that are too big 
  • Love handle bulge
  • Waistline reduction
  • Saggy skin
  • Excess fat  
  • Abdomen bulge
  • Waistline reduction 
  • Love handle bulge
  • Obesity, Overweight, excessive weight gain, Localised accumulation of Fat