Male to Female Conversion Surgery

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Male to Female Conversion Surgery Treatment

Male-to-female sex conversion operations are not new. They have been performed for decades, with the first successful operation taking place in the early 1900s. Despite this, there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about these procedures.

In its simplest form, male-to-female sex conversion surgery is a series of operations that aim to change the appearance and function of the genitals and other masculine features to better match those of a woman. This can include everything from changing the shape of the penis and testicles to creating a vagina.

It is performed for individuals who are physically male but identify themselves as female and prefer to live as women. Most transgender people report that they are not happy with their physical sex or their gender role. Sex changing surgery, hormone surgery, and gender role changing are some of the best treatments for individuals with this condition. In this article, let us discuss the treatment techniques, how to prepare before and after, and the results of gender confirmation surgery.

Male to female conversion surgery involves several operations and they are as follows:

Orchiectomy or removing the testicles:  This is the very first step in male to female surgery. In this, the testicles are removed through an incision made in the groin. The spermatic cord is also clipped and divided. This operation can be done under local or general anaesthesia. Removing the testes reduces the level of oestrogen the individual requires and thus limits the hazards connected with oestrogen. During the orchiectomy, the physician may leave some skin behind which will be utilized to line part of the vulva during vaginoplasty or for developing the labia. As the surgery can result in skin damage or reduction of the scrotal skin, some physicians do not suggest orchiectomy as an individual procedure or for individuals who are planning to get vaginoplasty. 

Penectomy or removing the penis: The surgical removal of a male sex organ or penis is referred to as penectomy. The procedure involves developing a fresh urethral opening to permit urinating in a sitting posture and a low vaginal dimple. Penectomy is mostly not recommended as an individual procedure since natural tissue and skin are usually utilized in vaginoplasty. It is recommended to wait and get both orchiectomy and penectomy performed together. 

Developing female genitals: It consists of clitoroplasty, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty. Clitoroplasty involves the making of the clitoris, labiaplasty involves the making of the labia and vaginoplasty involves the making of the vagina. The surgeon needs to fulfil several goals to accomplish the surgery. The newly created vagina should remain sensitive to touch, retain its shape and remain sufficiently long enough and wide for sexual penetration. It should also be elastic and moist. It is important to share your hopes clearly with the surgeon. 

In some cases, male to female sex reassignment surgery may include:

  • Hair grafting: It is a surgical procedure to enhance female (form) body hair established with hormone therapy.
  • Body sculpting: It consists of a group of surgical methods that focus to improve the body's appearance. It includes reducing localized excess, evening out the fatty tissue deposits, and offering the anticipated feminization.
  • FFS or Facial Feminization Surgery: It is a group of surgical methods performed along with hormone therapy. It helps in changing the masculine structures of a male to be feminine.
  • Buttock augmentation: The surgical procedure involves utilizing fat grafting or implants to change the shape, size, and form of the buttocks. 
  • Breast augmentation: The surgical procedure involves utilizing fat grafting or implants to alter female breasts, augmenting for texture, size, and shape.
  • Tracheal shave: This surgical procedure is performed to decrease cartilage in the throat and make the appearance feminine. The procedure is also referred to as the Adam’s Apple Removal.