Microblading - Eye Brows
Microblading - Eye Brows

Microblading - Eye Brows

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Microblading eyebrows is a sort of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing utilising a fine needle. The needle finely embeds featherweight strokes with a clinical grade shade on the skin’s epidermis layer for making fine, practical and natural-looking hair strokes. Microblading, dissimilar to tattooing, isn't in the profound layer of skin, yet at the same superficial level. 

But when it comes to microblading vs microshading, microshadingutilises pin-like dots of pigmentation to accomplish a powdered eyebrow look, making it more suitable for individuals with sparse eyebrows. Microblading utilises a bladed needle to give a pigmented look under the skin. The doctor fills the eyebrows by creating hair-like strokes that seem to be regular and natural looking eyebrow hair.

Before the microblading eyebrows treatment begins, the doctor will presumably utilise a skin desensitising salve on the eyebrow region, which lessens any pain or discomfort during the microblading methodology. The entire procedure is exceptionally intricate and can require as long as 2 hours. The doctor should take as much time as is needed in light of the fact that the outcome will keep going for at least a couple of years and should be done well. The patient might feel a scratching kind of sensation in the eyebrow region, yet the treatment is generally just minimally painful and tolerable.


Microblading is predominantly used to treat the following;

  • Loss of hair on the eyebrows 
  • Sparse eyebrows
  • Thin eyebrows