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Best antiperspirant brands, an endless number of dress changes, or avoiding every social activity are quite not helpful if you suffer from excessive sweating.  Excessive sweating is also medically termed as hyperhidrosis. An innovative technology called MiraDry has been introduced into the world of cosmetology for permanently remove this sweat. Mira is a non-invasive procedure that uses a handheld device for delivering accurately controlled electromagnetic energy underneath the skin on the specific area of sweat glands, where there is excessive sweating, resulting in the thermolysis - a decomposition by heat on these sweat glands. When the sweat glands are being removed with the help of electromagnetic technology, the skin stop players are also simultaneously protected and cooled down. Upon using MiraDry your sweat glands are believed to not grow back again, which makes the result long-lasting, permanent and efficient. While some patients may require just one treatment, some may require treatments that are three months apart for best results. The MiraDry laser treatment technology has been approved by the FDA to be used only on the armpits, however, some doctors use it on other parts like palm or soles as an off-label procedure, which has been proven safe.

The MiraDry laser treatment takes only an hour to be completed. Your doctor will use local anesthesia before the procedure begins. The typical treatment technique is as follows:

  • Once your underarm is numbed using anesthesia, your doctor will place the MiraDry device directly onto the skin lining it up along the ink mark that has been applied on the underarm
  • Once the device is activated, you will begin to feel that your skin is being suctioned and the glands are being brought closer to the surface for optimum results
  • Towards the end, the thermal energy will be fully delivered and the sweat and odor glance will be completely removed. Simultaneously, the system will work on cooling down and protecting the skin for increasing your comfort. 


The MiraDry procedure focuses mainly on:

  1. Excessive sweating which is otherwise known as hyperhidrosis
  2. Primary axillary hyperhidrosis - Underarm sweating 
  3. Body odour elimination