Mole removal
Mole removal

Mole Removal Treatment

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By now, you probably know what a mole is and how they are formed. So let’s dive straight into the mole removal procedure. Moles are just a common skin growth and you most probably have more than one on your face or the entire body. Most of the moles are not dangerous and you have nothing to worry about. However, sometimes a mole may turn into cancerous growth and needs to be removed. Otherwise, it is generally removed due to patients’ cosmetic concerns. Mole removal treatments provide effective and optimum results and also have zero downtime, while healing of the area takes place within a short span of time.

A doctor can typically eliminate a mole with four main types of techniques that will be based on the type and size of the mole:

Cryotherapy: This treatment technique makes use of a small amount of liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole and then remove it. 

Electrocautery: Electrocautery makes use of an electric current for burning off the topmost layers of the mole. This might take more than one sitting to complete the mole removal process.

Shaving: This classic mole removal technique makes use of a surgical blade to shave off the mole from the surface of the skin. 

Excision: Moles are also removed through excision to go deeper down the skin to eliminate the entire mole and suture back the skin together. This technique is specially used to remove moles that are cancerous. 

Laser Mole Removal: The laser mole removal technique is predominantly used for smaller moles that do not protrude on the skin’s surface and those that do not intend any danger. In this treatment, intense beams of light radiation will work on breaking down the mole cells inside the skin’s surface. You will generally need 2 to 3 sittings to eliminate the mole completely. Excision and shaving may be known as the common treatment techniques, laser is used more for moles that are located in harder to reach regions like the eyelids or ears, etc., or even removing multiple moles simultaneously.


The above-mentioned treatment techniques aim at eliminating any mole related conditions such as; 

  • Pigmentation scars
  • Larger and darker moles 
  • Melanoma
  • Skin tags 
  • Mole removal on the face
  • Red moles