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A monsplasty surgery is a mons pubis fat removal and pubic lift technique intended to decrease the protruding of the mons. A few individuals battle with a lump of overabundant skin and fat in the mons, the upper segment of the hair-bearing area of their vulva. The lump can bring about individuals feeling less confident and conscious to even consider wearing a swimming outfit or tight jeans. 

The reason for a monsplasty surgery is to decrease the number of fatty tissues as well as cutting the skin, based upon the reason for the lump. Recuperation requires about 7 days, with active work limitations for 2 weeks to about a month and a half, based upon the extent of the treatment. This treatment brings about a better looking, tighter mons pubis that ordinarily projects smaller in any outfit. In certain patients with a fat mons pubis that droops, elimination of overabundant skin can bring about a great pubic lift and less sagging.

Monsplasty surgery is normally joined along with a tummy tuck surgery and not done alone, in most cases. Your plastic specialist will begin the procedure by giving a general anesthesia and then making a straight cut along the bikini line area that stretches out from one hip to the next. From that point onwards, the doctor will eliminate the abundant skin and fat from your lower stomach and upper pubic locale. Then, at that point, the skin on the two ends is pulled more tight together, giving a lifted and contoured look. In the wake of eliminating the protruding tissue fold and pulling together everything, the plastic specialist will close the incision wound with a thin and resorbable stitch material to avoid any deep scarring from occurring.


Monsplasty surgery is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • Excess skin on the pubic
  • Excess fat 
  • Droopy pubic skin
  • Loose muscles 
  • Lifting the pubic region