Osseointegrated Implants And Prosthesis

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Osseointegrated Implants And Prosthesis Treatment

Ear remaking with osseointegrated prosthetics is a deeply grounded technique for recreation after resection of skin malignancies on the outer ear. Ear silicone prosthesis is generally attached through usage of exceptional clinical grade skin glue, or through osseointegrated implants, which is till now the prevalent strategy for connection.

With osseointegrated implants, the mechanical association with the prosthesis(through clasps or magnets) keeps the prosthesis safely set up. It additionally finds the prosthesis in precisely the same position. There is no glue paste that can be amassed on the prosthesis edges, so the prosthesis holds its full aesthetic appearance for a longer period. Cleaning of the prosthesis is likewise essentially simpler as there is no reason to eliminate any glue from the prosthesis, adding huge comfort.

When all the injured delicate tissue is taken out, the osseointegrated implants are put into solid bone and the delicate tissue and skin shut over it, generally using titanium material. The inserts are left undisturbed for a time of 6 - 12 weeks to consider the incorporation of the embed into the bone.

These projections fluctuate in lengths and the right length is put on each implant to permit it to protrude and sit clear of all the delicate tissues. The delicate tissue is permitted to recuperate for 4 weeks to 6 weeks before the osseointegrated prosthesis are manufactured.

Once the implant is manufactured, it is then attached to the patient's ear. In case of hearing aid concerns, osseointegrated hearing aid implants are specially made to deliver sound to the ear via direct bone conduction, enabling hearing for the patient. 


Osseointegrated implants is predominantly used to treat;

  • Congenital deformities of the ear
  • Burns 
  • Hearing aid
  • Restoring completely missing ear (anotia)
  • Partially formed ear  (microtia)
  • Skin malignancies on the external ear