Penoscrotal Web Release
Penoscrotal Web Release

Penoscrotal Web Release

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Penoscrotal webbing, also known as scrotal webbing, is a condition where the skin of the scrotum extends up to cover the base of the penis. This can give the appearance of a 'web' between the two organs. Most men prefer to rectify due to discomfort during exercise, difficulty using a condom, discomfort during exercise, and short penis appearance. It also has chances to cause psychological or sexual intercourse issues. If you are thinking about correcting penoscrotal web, you need to consult your physician.

The procedure is performed with a regional or local anaesthetic. The penis is softly held against the abdomen wall, almost at the right angle. From the penis bump to the scrotal membrane at the top-level end of the pubic symphysis, the surgeon makes the transverse incision along the anterior raphe. The surgeon makes an incision at the superficial fascia, subcutaneous tissue, and the skin of the penis. Then, the scrotum thecae are located. The incision is made at the thecae from urethral spongiosum as well as ventral region of penile spongiosum. Then, thecae are parted from the skin. The surgeon trims the scrotum skin to permit elongation of the penis skin. They will sew up the incision.