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Power Assisted Liposuction - Back Treatment

The procedure of a power assisted liposuction (PAL) is not very different from the traditional liposuction method, however, a tipped cannula that vibrates is utilised to help all the fat cell breakdown and begin the fat removal procedure. This power assisted liposuction machine is more often considered to be a form of high definition liposuction procedure, just like the Vaser liposuction. The power assisted liposuction machine that is made use of in this procedure, works towards breaking up the fat cells and loosening the stubborn deposits of fat, so that there will be lesser damage to the surrounding skin and tissue.

Using a power assisted liposuction your doctor will be able to remove more fat within a short period of time, which in turn gives you efficient results and safer procedure along with a minimal downtime. The power assisted liposuction machine is found to be easier for the doctor to control and precisely eliminate all the unwanted fat cells without leaving behind any of the cells.  This device produces quick and small vibrations for breaking up the fat so that it can be smoothly suctioned out using a cannula. This procedure has also proven to show speed and efficacy, by reducing the time under anaesthesia, as well as protecting the skin and tissue around the targeted area without any risk of thermal damage as well. 


Some of the conditions that can be treated by the power assisted liposuction machine are; 

  • Abdominal Contour - Stubborn belly fat that can be minimised with power assisted liposuction
  • Shape and size of the arms: Arm liposuction works towards reducing the stubborn fat deposits on the upper arm 
  • Shape and size of the legs: PAL can reduce the fat accumulation on the inner thighs, outer thighs and circumference of the thighs
  • Shape and size of the buttocks: Removal of stubborn fat cells thereby contours the buttocks region
  • Overabundant body fat: Targeted removal of excess fat cells that can contour and define the body
  • Mommy Makeover: Liposuction can assist in bringing back the body to how it was before pregnancy by removing collections of fat which are resistant towards diet or workout.
  • Definition of the neck and jaw: Removing the fat cells on the neck and jaw can give you a sharp and contoured look to the face