Scaling, Root planing & Polishing

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Scaling, Root planing & Polishing Treatment

Scaling tooth is a dental procedure that includes eliminating any stains, accumulations or any gum infections. It very well may be compared to scratching, stripping paint on the teeth wall. Despite the fact that scaling is performed on the teeth, it can likewise be applied to the roots especially in situations when periodontal pockets have been framed. This happens when the microorganisms have attacked the gums. This procedure is called root planing. Teeth polishing is the procedure of smoothing the teeth since scaling can cause the teeth to feel a little rough. During this time, the dental specialist may likewise give extra protection to the teeth just barely of fluoride. 

The treatment might start by applying a local sedative to the gums and teeth to limit any form of discomfort. The dental specialist then, at that point, involves different instruments for scaling tooth.

The dental hygienist as a rule starts with an ultrasonic device that forwards vibrations to the teeth in order to relax the more noticeable and enormous accumulations. The instrument discharges cooling fog made out of water to wash the dirt away as the process continues to go on. The patient will be told to spit at regular intervals to release the accumulations.

When the enormous accumulations have been taken out, the dental specialist may then move to hand scalers, which are accessible in various sizes. Despite the fact that utilising them might increase the technique time, they give the dental specialist more control as they can arrive at more profound regions that can't be arrived at by the ultrasonic device. They can likewise be utilised to remove more minute accumulations, especially those held in between the teeth or the roots.

Once the scaling is finished, the dental specialist may then continue with cleaning utilising a handpiece that is equipped with a cup loaded up with delicate elastic. The thick paste, which is typically made out of fluoride, is then put on the elastic cup. The dental specialist rubs and moves the handpiece over the teeth, smoothing and polishing the recently cleaned regions.


Root planing, teeth polishing and scaling procedure is predominantly used to treat;

  • Damaged teeth 
  • Gingivitis 
  • Localised periodontitis 
  • Generalised periodontitis
  • Discoloration or stains on the teeth 
  • Smoker’s teeth
  • Plaque deposits