Scrotal Reduction
Scrotal Reduction

Scrotal Reduction

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Scrotal reduction surgery is also referred to as scrotum tightening, scrotoplasty, or scrotal lift. Treating the stretched scrotal skin and muscles through surgery enhances the comfort and appearance of the scrotum.  This can be a result of aging, excessive weight loss, or congenital conditions. 

The scrotal web reduction surgery is recommended for medical reasons like congenital defects or injury, cosmetic reasons like scrotum skin tightness, and gender affirmation. Having a stretched, loosed scrotum has chances to affect a man's self-esteem and confidence, cause discomfort, and chronic pain, and affect his sex life. 

The patient is given a local anaesthetic close to the scrotum to make the area numb. The doctor will make an incision on the scrotum and remove any extra skin or tissue. In some cases, the physician may use a skin graft that is taken from another area of the body to help with the repair. The skin graft is usually taken from the upper thigh or groin area. It will be used when the muscle and skin of the scrotum require reinforcement or have been stretched too much. The surgeon will then stitch up the incisions using absorbable sutures that will eventually dissolve on their own.