Septoplasty (Closed)
Septoplasty (Closed)

Septoplasty (Closed)

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In a closed septoplasty, all cuts are made inside the nose. The treatment is less obtrusive, wherein, this way, there is less recuperation time and no complication of any noticeable scarring. A closed septoplasty can modify the size and shape of the nose, and furthermore get rid of any specific breathing issues. The specialist will not have as much access to the inward nasal structure as in an open septoplasty.

During the septoplasty surgery, the nasal septum is repositioned to the centre of the nasal region. This might require the nose surgeon to cut and eliminate portions of the nasal septum prior to reinserting them in the legitimate position. Once the septoplasty recovery period is over, the individual will probably find that it is easier to breathe.

A closed septoplasty surgery takes somewhere in the range of 30 to an 90 minutes to be completed, based upon the intricacy of the nose’s condition. The individual will be under either local or general sedation, based upon what the doctor chooses based on the concerns. 

In a general septoplasty surgery, the nose surgeon makes a cut on either one side of the nose to get to the septum region. Then, the mucous membrane will be lifted up, which is the defensive covering of the septum. Then the deviated nasal septum is moved into the right position. Any obstructions, like additional bits of bone or ligament, are taken out. The last procedure is to reposition the mucous membrane. There will also be a need for sutures to hold the septum and membrane intact.


Septoplasty surgery is mostly used as a treatment resort for the following conditions;

  • Visibly crooked nose
  • Deviated septum 
  • Trauma or Injury that obstruct the air flow of the nose 
  • Nasal inflammation that causes trouble breathing
  • Nasal polyps  
  • Chronic sinus problems