Surgical Necklift - Neck
Surgical Necklift - Neck

Surgical Necklift - Neck

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Losing the young and defined look of the face and neck can be because of an assortment of factors, including heredity, ageing, ecological circumstances and stress. At the point when the neck region fails to match the upper facial appearance, a neck lift surgery might be an ideal solution, rather than store-bought creams. A neck lift, medically known as lower rhytidectomy, is a surgery that works on improving noticeable ageing indications in the neck

As a rule, a plastic surgery neck lift includes lifting the neck skin and firming the basic tissues and muscles. Fat that is in the neck will be sculpted, eliminated or reallocated. Neck skin is then re-hung over the recently repositioned shapes of the neck, abundant skin is taken out, and the injury is sewed or taped shut. Neck lift surgery begins in front of the earlobe and goes on around the ear into your lower scalp. A little cut likewise is made under your jawline.

  • Cervicoplasty or eliminating the overabundant skin - A cervicoplasty is a plastic surgery neck lift procedure used to address delicate tissue problems of the jawline and neck. A cervicoplasty changes overabundant fat and abundant skin to invigorate, reestablish, and restore the definition and contour of the jaw and neck.
  • Platysmaplasty or eliminating/modifying the neck muscles  - At the time of platysmaplasty, the platysma muscle is fixed to make a solitary layer of muscle known as the midline platysma plication. This lessens the presence of any prominent neck bands, very poor neck definition, turkey wattle, drooping skin, unwanted banding, double chin and jowls.

Liposuction to eliminate abundant fat - Liposuction is most ordinarily utilised for a neck lift surgery procedure. The specialist makes a little cut behind both the ears and also under the jawline. Specific devices suction out the excess fat from the jawline. On the off chance that your skin is strong and the main justification for your disappointment with your neck's appearance is fullness because of fat, liposuction can give you a more contoured neck.


Just like your face, as you age, the appearance and structure of your neck will also adjust as a result of normal age-related changes. Your neck skin turns out to be less flexible and looser, and fat deposits decline in certain regions of your face and expand on the neck. Age-related changes in your neck that can be decreased with a surgical neck lift can get rid of the following;

  • Saggy appearance of your neck
  • Overabundant skin on your lower facial structure 
  • Extending of the overlap of skin from the jawline till the end of the neck
  • Prominent neck wrinkles and lines 
  • Muscle bands in the neck, that creates abnormal contours
  • Droopy skin and abundance fat in the neck 
  • Double chin
  • Turkey wattle neck