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The Tip plasty, all the more usually known as tipoplasty or tip rhinoplasty, is a basic treatment that works on improving facial harmony, by changing the appearance of the nose tip, giving a minimal scarring effect. Nasal tip plasty involves the process of reshaping the tip of the nose, confining just to the tip of the nose. 

It incorporates the most common way of reshaping the nasal tip to make it balanced with the other facial highlights. The objective of tip rhinoplasty is to work on the tip's appearance by lifting a tip that drops down or changing the size and even the protrusion of the tip. It can likewise incorporate diminishing the size of both the nostrils.

Nasal tip plasty is a basic treatment that can take anyplace between thirty minutes to 90 minutes. It is normally performed either under a local or general sedation relying upon certain methods and techniques being performed. The doctor will prompt you on the most ideal choice suitable for your concerns.

The nasal tip plasty methodology can either be performed utilising a closed procedure or an open method relying upon individual concerns and factors; 

  • The closed procedure includes making cuts within the nostrils and does not create apparent outside scarring. The utilisation of this method additionally cuts down the general surgery time taken.
  • The open method includes a cut in the middle between the two nostrils and may trigger a scar. Nonetheless, you do not need to stress as the scar will not be obviously noticeable.


Tip Plasty is predominantly used to treat the following; 

  • A bulbous nasal tip or a bulging nasal tip 
  • Long nasal tip that needs to be shortened 
  • Short nasal tip that needs to be lengthened 
  • Low nose tip 
  • A hooked ‘parrot beak’ nose tip 
  • Alterations in the nasal tip protrusion 
  • Flat or blunt nasal tip 
  • Collapsed nasal tip after the procedure of a  traditional rhinoplasty 
  • Nasal tip that is narrow