Tracheal shaving
Tracheal shaving

Tracheal shaving

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The vast majority who select to undergo a tracheal shave surgery are those that are born as male during the time spent on their gender reassignment (male to female conversion) and feel that their Adam's apple is excessively large and prominent. A few females who have an Adam's apple that is naturally big may likewise choose to have this surgery done too. In basic terms, a tracheal shave surgery, medicinally termed as chondrolaryngoplasty, is a surgery to decrease the size of an Adam's apple.

The thyroid ligament is the ‘apple’ moulded bump on the throat. It contains the larynx, otherwise known as the voice box. Since men grow a bigger larynx than the women, their Adam's apple looks more self-evident and enlarged. The tracheal shave surgery will include removing this Adam’s apple, involving manipulation around the areas of vocal cords, the trachea or the windpipe, and the thyroid gland. The surgery ensures all the patients with a more feminine looking neck.

The tracheal shave surgery typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes. During the medical procedure, the patient will be under general sedation or IV sedation. A little incision point is made under the jaw, as a rule close to the crossroads of the head and neck, and not straight over Adam's apple. The tracheal shave surgeons will then, at that point, utilise an endoscopic camera and a needle to locate the exact place where the vocal cords join to the thyroid ligament.

Then, different devices and instruments will be utilised to eliminate as much ligament of the thyroid indent without causing any harm or damage to the vocal cords. The cut is then sewed back up in an essential style to keep away from any noticeable tracheal shave scar. After the tracheal shave surgery, the patient's Adam's apple will be less visible, and the neck area will begin to look more softer and more ladylike.


Tracheal shave surgery is predominantly used to perform an adam’s apple reduction, as a part of the male to female conversion procedure.