Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Unattractive, sagging abdominal skin can be very difficult to get rid of, no matter how much you diet or exercise. Even people with relatively good abdominal muscle tone can have loose, hanging skin. If you are considering surgery to improve the appearance of your abdomen, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be the right procedure for you.

A tummy tuck surgery can improve the appearance of your abdomen by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the muscles in your abdominal wall. The procedure can also help to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

While a tummy tuck is a very effective procedure, it is not a weight loss surgery and should not be considered as such. You should be at or near your ideal body weight before considering a tummy tuck.

Male and Female Tummy Tuck: What Is The  Difference?

While the basic principles of a tummy tuck are the same for both men and women, some key anatomical differences need to be taken into account.

For example, men generally have a more prominent abdominal wall muscle (the rectus abdominis) than women. This muscle can create a “shelf” effect when it is too large, which can be addressed with a tummy tuck men’s procedure.

In addition, men tend to store fat in their abdomen in a different way than women. Tummy tuck for men is designed to specifically address this type of fat storage.

When it comes to a tummy tuck for women, the focus is often more on loose, hanging skin than on fat. This is because childbearing and weight fluctuations can cause the skin to stretch and become loose.

Pregnancy after tummy tuck:

If you are considering a tummy tuck and think you may want to have children in the future, it is important to discuss this with your surgeon.

While a tummy tuck will not prevent you from becoming pregnant, it may affect the appearance of your abdomen after pregnancy. For this reason, many surgeons recommend waiting to have a tummy tuck until you are done having children.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, this guide will give you everything you need to know about the procedure, including what to expect before and after surgery.

A tummy tuck is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and under general anesthesia.  The length of the procedure will depend on the extent of correction that is being made.

First, the surgeon will make an incision in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area. The length of the incision will depend on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed.

Next, the surgeon will separate the skin from the underlying abdominal muscles and stitch the muscles together to create a firmer abdominal wall.

After that, the excess skin and fat will be removed and the incisions will be closed with stitches. A drainage tube may also be placed under the skin to help remove any excess fluid that may collect.

The whole surgery usually takes about two to three hours, but it may take longer if you are having a more extensive procedure.

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