Best Non-Surgical Breast Lift Treatment

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2023-09-01 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Non Surgical Breast Lift Treatment

With time women tend to experience changes with the breasts’ shape, size and some level of sagging which is natural. Every mother would be able to closely relate with the word sagging breasts. A woman’s body is on a roller-coaster of changes from puberty to menopause. Pregnancy and breastfeeding give a whole different picture on how much the body changes to adapt to the birth of a newborn. Droopy breasts can be caused not just by pregnancy or breastfeeding but due to various other reasons as well. Whatever the causes are, the discomfort that comes with a saggy breast is real. There can be pain, discomfort to dress, difficulty in exercising and more. Breast lift is a common cosmetic procedure performed to ease women of these struggles. While there are other procedures such as breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, breastlift specifically caters to the issue of sagging breasts.



What is breast lift?

Breast sagging is caused because of the loss of elasticity and firmness as the Cooper’s ligaments weaken. These ligaments are connective tissues found under the breast which helps in maintaining the shape and firmness of the breast. There are various causes for sagging breasts, some of them include:

  • Aging
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Genetics
  • Gravity
  • Menopause
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Breastfeeding
  • Inappropriate choice of bra
  • Smoking

Surgical b is the long term cosmetic solution to sagging breasts. It is also called as mastopexy. It is a surgical procedure where the doctor removes excess tissues, reshapes and improves firmness of the breasts. This procedure can also be combined with other breast related procedures such as breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Non-surgical breast lift

The good news is that surgery is not the only solution for breastlift. There are various cosmetic techniques today that can help bring back the lost firmness. Some of the most commonly performed ones are:

  • Laser treatments

Laser therapy, where high beams of light energy is used to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin is a commonly performed procedure for wrinkles and sag of the face, neck and hands. The same technique could be used to improve the elasticity of the breasts. The breast tissue is not as same as the tissues on the face and hence the results would vary. Breast lift with lasers can be considered a temporary solution that would work best for individuals with minor degree of breast sagging.

  • Botox

A botox injection is administered to the chest muscles in the pectoral region. This makes the shoulder to not slouch and the back muscles stronger to keep the breast firm. The results of this can last for 4 months or so and is not permanent.

  • Thermage

Thermage is a procedure of using RF or radiofrequency waves that produce heat to improve the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This procedure works well for people with minor levels of breast sagging. Tightening of the muscles using thermage can improve the overall breast contour. This is a temporary solution that needs to repeated to maintain the results.

  • Vampire breast lift

VBL or vampire breast lift sues PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to improve the appearance of the breasts. PRP injections gives a fuller and firmer look to the breasts and improve blood circulation. It might take a few days before the patient might notice any results from thermage. It can also give results for scars and stretch marks on the breasts.

  • CACI bust treatment

The CACI bust treatment works on the principle of micro-current technology where the surgeon passes the electric pulses on the muscles of the breast. This improves the strength, firmness and tone of the breasts. There might be multiple sessions needed to get the desired results and follow-up sessions to maintain it.

  • APTOS threading

APTOS thread lift is a thread lift technique also known as ‘breast feather lift’. This technique is minimally invasive where the surgeon inserts the thread under the skin using needles. These inserted threads are bulled upward making the breasts appear more firm and in place. The results of this treatment can last upto 2 years and can be considered as the best alternative to surgical procedures. 

  • Exercises

Breast sag cannot be completely reversed unless with a mastopexy. However, breastlift exercises can help to improve the condition. Pushups, swimming, bench press, chest press, dips, dumbbell flies, pec deck and cable crossover are some of the techniques to strengthen chest muscles.

  • Creams

Breast lift or firming creams are available to reverse the signs of sagging breasts. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or ubiquinone is one of the main ingredients used to re-energize the cells. CoQ10 is a component naturally present in the skin that keeps the skin youthful. As we age, there is decreased production of this compound leading to aging related signs such as breast sagging.

  • Breast Lift Tape

Breast lift tapes are used for temporary lifting of the breasts and is vouched by many as it helps them use any strapless attire with ease. This option gives the instant breastlift that many would want for occasions that require them to be dressed well.

Non-surgical breast lift cost

In India, the cost of non-surgical breast lift depends upon the type of treatment that the patient opts for. Laser therapy for breast sagging can cost between INR 20k to 70k depending on the city and clinic. Botox injections can cost INR 11k to 20k. Thermage can cost INR one lakh on an average. Breastlift creams and tapes can be available in the price range of INR 500 to 2k. It is important to consult a cosmetologist to understand which treatment would work well for you. A board-certified doctor who specializes in cosmetic breast procedures can be the right choice for solving saggy breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a non-surgical breast lift last?

Non-surgical breast lift can last between three to five years and in some cases even longer. The exact duration of the results can be determined based on the breast lift procedure chosen.

  1. Can I naturally lift my breast?

Individuals can improve their breast contour by exercising, having nutritious meals, massaging and by choosing the right bra.

  1. Is there a way to fix sagging breasts without surgery?

As discussed, one could choose non-surgical breast lift cosmetic treatments, creams and tapes for fixing saggy breasts. APTOS threading can give good results that can last for a long duration. Other procedures such as thermage, laser therapy, botox, vampire breastlift and others can give results that might last for shorter duration. Regular touch-up would be required to keep the results maintained.

  1. What is a vacuum breast lift?

Vacuum breast lift is gaining wide popularity because of the results. Light therapy, micro-current and vacuum suction is combined in the vacuum breast lift procedure. It increases the blood circulation, lifts the breasts up and gives a fuller and firmer overall appearance. There can be slight pain and discomfort during the procedure but is safe. The results of the treatment lasts for six months and follow-up treatments would be needed to maintain the results.

  1. Does olive oil lift sagging breast?

Massaging with olive oil can improve the blood circulation and in turn help improve the overall breast contour. This might not give lasting results like how a cosmetic procedure would but can help in minor breast sagging concerns.

  1. What is a natural breast lift?

A natural breast lift can move the nipples up, removing the excess tissues and resizing the areolas of the breast.

  1. Are breast lifts worth it?

Many suffer from under confidence due to breast related concerns. Breast lift can be great to improve the confidence and self-esteem of the individual if she is suffering from concerns related to the breasts. Only a surgical breast lift treatment might give long lasting results. However, non-surgical breast lift procedures are great for temporary results without having to go through the surgery.

  1. How long do breast lifts last?

A surgical breast lift procedure can last for several years while non-surgical procedures can last between a few months to a couple of years depending on the procedure opted.

  1. Does a breast lift cost more than implants?

Yes, breastlift can be costlier than breast implants. This is because of the technique, expertise and complexity involved in a breast lift procedure. Also, the cost would include the surgeon’s fees, the hospital facilities, city and clinic the procedure is undertaken in.

  1. Does a breast lift reduce your cup size?

There can be a slight reduction in size when a surgical breast lift is performed. This is because of the loss of tissue used in lifting the breasts up. However, the maximum reduction anyone could experience with a breastlift would be upto 1 cup size.

  1. Can I get a lift without implants?

Yes, it is not necessary to get an implant for breast lift. There is no requirement for an implant for breastlift. The surgeon can resize, reshape and tighten the muscles without the need for breast implants.

  1. What is a lollipop lift?

In a lollipop lift, there will be slight reshaping of the breast commonly done along the areola ring. Excess tissue is removed and the size reduced while also completing the breast lift procedure.

  1. Can implants fix sagging breasts?

Droopiness and sagging cannot be reduced with the use of breast implants. While implants enhance the size and shape of the breast, it does not reduce the sagging of the breast. These excess lose tissue that causes sagging needs to be removed with a breast lift procedure. Youthful and firm appearance of the breast can be got from a mastopexy or non-surgical breast lift techniques.

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