Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures that can Change your Face

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2022-08-09 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Cosmetic Surgery
Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures

Reshape your Face without going under the Knife

It happens to all of us.  We look in the mirror everyday dissatisfied with our nose, our lips, or our cheeks.  As the years go by and we stare at ourselves long enough it is common to want to change what we see. Considering plastic surgery to change the trouble spots we see in the mirror is a complicated and difficult decision. Often times invasive surgery and the subsequent healing process is painful and could take month for a full recovery.

Cost Factor

There is also the financial strain of plastic surgery to consider.  Health care providers in many circumstances are unwilling to pay for part or all of elective surgery, leaving the patient with a costly bill for their new face.  This is why it is important to consider nonsurgical options to changing your face before going under the knife.  Consulting with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist about noninvasive procedures is an important step to finding the new you.  Here are a few procedures that may help tackle your problems without winding up on the surgical table.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

One of the most popular plastic surgical procedures is rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping.  Those whose self-consciousness is shaken or those who have major difficulty breathing too quickly turn to surgery to create facial balance.  Before considering the more invasive option, it is important to think about nonsurgical rhinoplasy first.  Though it will not change the size of your nose, the procedure, which fills in certain areas of the nose with chemical filler can alter shape and form.  The procedure is far less invasive than surgery and can often times give balance to the nose and help with breathing issues.


For many people, changing your face means looking like their younger selves. But popular invasive surgeries such as facelifts are only one route to rediscovering the new you.  Before considering surgery it is important to ask your doctor about treatments such as microdermabrasion, which removes the top layer of skin from the face, smoothing out wrinkles.  Laser treatment is also an option to consider.  This is a quick process that can tighten skin around the face and neck to give you a younger look.

Aesthetic facial issues are a serious subject with serious implications.  No one wants to start their day disappointed with what they see in the mirror.  Whether you are looking to reverse the course of aging or correct trouble spots, it is important to consider your nonsurgical options before undergoing any procedure.

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