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2023-04-11 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Hair Removal

Waxing isn’t easy! And if you are someone who needs to wax yourself often for professional or personal reasons, waxing would mean high maintenance. So why not get rid of it completely? Today, waxing or shaving are not the only option for hair removal. One could completely avoid the pain, redness, swelling and all other aftereffects of these procedures. Options such as hair removal creams, sugaring, threading and plucking offer a slightly better experience but not a long-lasting result. A more convenient and long-lasting hair removal solution would be laser hair removal treatments.

Did you know that athletes are in need of keeping their hair off their body for better performance? It is a practice among cyclists, swimmers and runners to remove hair on their arms and legs to perform better at their sport. There are a plenty of reasons to why sports persons remove hair. For cyclists and runners, lack of hair would mean better treatment to their wounds. While to swimmers, this means better stroke length while swimming because of the reduction in oxygen consumption of the body due to the lack of hair. Similarly, individuals who practice gymnastics, dancing and cheerleading need hair off for more of cosmetic reasons. A short-term hair removal procedure would not be effective since it requires more time and energy.

To women in general, hair removal is a part of their grooming and self-care process. Hair removal for women is advertised and marketed a lot. Facial hair removal is a major painstaking beauty care that women indulge in. If you have a busy schedule and a hectic routine, having enough time to spend on hair removal can be difficult. Permanent hair removal creams aim at solving this pain point but however the results could take a long time and hair reduction cannot be permanent. Hair removal cream for men too are widely sold and used for long term reduction of unwanted hair. Almost all permanent hair removal treatments, products or procedures provide long lasting results and not permanent results. Individuals would have to repeat the treatment once every few months or in a few years.

By far, laser treatment for hair removal is the most long-lasting hair removal technique. Laser hair removal procedures are performed by sending beams of highly concentrated light to destroy the hair follicles. The technique targets only the required region and the pigments in the hair follicles absorb the light and destroys hair. Only the targeted area is treated without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues or cells. One must take a minimum of three to a maximum of seven sessions of laser treatment to get the desired results. Laser treatments works best on fair skinned individuals with dark hair. On dark skinned individuals, laser treatments would not offer similar results and hence they might need repeated sessions of laser treatment. It is important to consult a qualified cosmetologist to undergo the procedure and analyze how beneficial the procedure can be based on your skin type.

During a laser treatment, the hair is trimmed to just about a millimeter or two from the surface of the skin. To prevent the stinging of the light, numbing medicines are applied on the region. Appropriate safety measures such as eyeglasses for protection are taken before the procedure begins. Depending on the skin colour, the thickness and location of the hair, laser lights are sent to the targeted area. These lights destroy the hair follicles causing the hair to fall off from its place in about two weeks’ time. Post the procedure, the individual must take appropriate care such as

  • Staying away from direct sunlight
  • Applying ice compress and moisturizers
  • Taking prescribed medications or supplements
  • Avoiding makeup in the treated area for at least 2 days after treatment
  • Use of sunscreen for up to a month

The procedure works well for majority of patients, with just temporary aftereffects such as redness, swelling and rashes. Permanent side effects of the treatment are rare but however in some cases there could be pigmentation or scarring of the skin.

Permanent laser hair removal is pretty much a myth. Laser hair treatments guarantee a long-lasting result that could last for several months or up to 2 years. For most individual’s hair in the dormant stage (catagen) will eventually grow back when the hair moves to the active or anagen stage. Hence, one must make sure that you do not expect a result that would last forever with laser treatments. Lasers can help with permanent hair reduction but not removal. With ongoing body hair removal treatments one could experience slower regrowth of hair which results in easier maintenance. If you are someone who is dependent on waxing or shaving for regular hair removal, laser treatment can be the better option since you could save a lot of time and effort.

Laser hair removal in India can start off from INR 1500. The cost of the treatment depends on the areas you want to get treated. If you are looking at a full-face laser hair removal procedure, the cost could be about INR 3,200 - 4,200 for a single session. Laser hair removal for the underarms would cost INR 2,500 to INR 3,000 for each session. For a full body hair removal in India, it would cost anywhere between INR 35,000 to INR 60,000. Laser hair removal treatment cost in Chennai would start from INR 2000 and upwards depending on the part of the body you want to get treated. For advanced laser hair removal in chennai visit us!

Below are a few before and after images of laser hair removal results.

[caption id="attachment_628" align="alignnone" width="1000"]laser treatment for hair removal Chin Before & After[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_624" align="alignnone" width="1000"]best hair removal for women Underarms Before & After[/caption]

Underarms Before & AfterIt is really important to take treatment from a qualified professional to get the desired results. Most often patients do not get the right result not because of their skin type or body but because of unskilled application of the technique itself. It is important to check that the cosmetologist you are consulting is professionally trained to do laser application.

Each one has a reason to why they prefer not having much hair on their body. For some, it is aesthetics while for others such as athletes it means performance and convenience. Whatever be your reason for hair removal, it is important to make a choice after thoroughly understanding the procedure and its results.



  1. Why would athletes want to remove body hair?

Athletes remove body hair for reasons such as

  • To keep off sweat and dirt or to clean it off easily
  • For better treatment after an injury (applicable to cyclists/runners)
  • For easier application of creams
  • To maintain their physical appearance
  • Better stroke length and overall performance for swimmers (the lack of hair means better supply of oxygen in the body which helps their performance)
  1. How long is it until your hair falls out after laser?

Hair does not immediately fall off after a laser treatment and the skin in the treated region would remain red for about 2 days. Between 5 to 14 days after the treatment, patients can see substantial amount of hair falling off. This could continue for a few more weeks until all the hair falls off.

  1. Does laser hair reduction really work?

Laser hair removal does work well for most individuals. The results are said to last up to about 2 years post treatment. During a laser treatment, the hair in the active stage falls off while the hair in the dormant stage remains unaffected. This results in the hair from the dormant stage moving towards the active stage and hence hair starts to grow back after several months. Individuals would need another session of laser to get the desired results.

  1. What happens when one does not shave before laser hair removal?

It is highly important to shave your hair a few hours before your laser treatment. If you have longer hair, the treatment would not be effective as the laser light get dispersed and it could even leave a burn on the skin. Shaving makes the results effective providing a long-lasting outcome. Do note that shaving immediately before the treatment would not be good since it could add to the irritation during the treatment.

  1. Why is my hair growing back after laser?

Our hair has a natural cycle of hair growth in the follicles. Hair goes through four important phases such as the anagen or active stage, catagen or dormant stage, telogen or resting phase and exogen or the shedding stage. This cycle for each strand on the hair takes about a few years. During a laser treatment, hair in the active stage is what gets treated and falls out. After several weeks, the hair from the dormant stage moves to the active phase and one could note new hair follicles showing up. This is why most individuals notice a regrowth of hair post laser.

  1. What happens if you do laser hair removal too often?

Doing laser hair removal too often would not give great results since it’s important to understand your hair growth cycle and undergo treatment accordingly. Undergoing laser hair removal too often would mean that you are getting treated when your hair is in the resting/shedding/dormant stage. This would not provide desired results and hence it is best to seek advice from your dermatologist to decide on the next sessions of the treatment.

  1. Can I shave between laser sessions?

You can shave between laser sessions which makes it really easy to maintain. It is important to not shave your hair in the first 42 hours post your session to avoid any irritation to the skin.

  1. Do hair removal creams really work?

Hair removal creams can show results that are slightly better than shaving since it slows down hair growth. However, the hair would grow back faster than it would with waxing or other hair removal procedures such as laser.

  1. How can I remove unwanted hair permanently?

It is nearly impossible to remove hair permanently. Almost all methods of hair removal will have hair growing back after a certain duration. For longer lasting results and easy maintenance, one could opt for laser hair removal.

  1. How much does full body laser hair removal cost?

Full body laser hair removal would cost between INR 35000 to INR 60000. The exact prices would depend on the city and clinic you are getting treated at.

  1. How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicles with high beams of concentrated light.

  1. Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a relatively safe procedure with not many side effects. It is important to not get the procedure done during pregnancy.

  1. What is the best hair removal for women?

Waxing and Laser hair removal works well for women who want to keep themselves off hair regularly. Other methods such as sugaring, threading, tweezing and hair removal creams also work well but would require continuous maintenance.

  1. How long does a laser hair removal session take?

The time required for a laser hair removal session depends on the area of treatment. For the upper lip, it might take just 5 minutes and might take 60 minutes on an average depending on the size of the area of treatment. For a full body treatment, it might take between two to three hours.

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