How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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2023-07-27 05:30 AM | By Tamira scientific Committee
Hair Removal
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its first approval for lasers to remove hair in 1995. Since then, it has been one of the top non-surgical procedures in aesthetic healthcare. 

Laser hair reduction (LHR) is a great, permanent, and cost-effective alternative to other temporary and expensive (repetitive and requiring maintenance) hair removal procedures like waxing, shaving, plucking, epilating, or tweezing.

Detailed Insight into How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

To know in detail how laser hair removal works, you must first know two things: why particularly the laser light is used and what the hair growth stages are. 


  • Why is laser used for hair removal?

What is a laser? Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an intense, concentrated, or focused beam of single-color light that arises out of amplified photon collisions. The reasons why medical-grade hair removal lasers are used include:

  • They can travel distances without dispersion
  • They can carry huge amounts of energy
  • Skin-friendly across different body hairs (face, arms, legs, chin, underarm, bikini line, back, etc.)
  • Permanent hair reduction after repeated sessions 
  • Selective precision targeting without damaging the unwanted skin or hairs
  • Pretty fast in reaching the destination (here, hair follicles)


  • What are the stages in a hair growth cycle?

The three stages of hair growth include anagen, catagen, and telogen. 

  • Anagen (the hair grows): The bottom of the hair, i.e., the bulb, gets oxygen from the blood supply through its attachment to the dermis with the help of the dermal papilla.
  • Catagen (the hair detaches) The hair follicle prepares to die without oxygen due to bulb detachment from the dermis.
  • Telogen (the hair falls): The bulb of the hair follicle remains inactive and tends to easily wither from the scalp.


  • How does laser treatment for hair removal work?

When laser light is emitted on the skin where you have unwanted hair growth, the intense light with enormous energy selectively targets the hair follicles. The melanin pigment in the targeted hair follicle absorbs this energy and produces heat. The heat produced damages:

  • the bulb region (the root of the hair follicle that’s attached to the dermis for blood supply) and
  • the stem cells (responsible for hair growth or regeneration)

As the laser carries more energy, melanin will produce more heat. Because it requires a temperature of seventy degrees or above for the light to destroy these essential cells of hair growth. 

The principle behind the absorption is that the darker or thicker the hair, the greater the presence of melanin pigment. And consequently, the more energy that gets absorbed, the more heat that is produced. 

Once the bulb and the stem cells of each hair follicle are destroyed, they lose their ability to grow hair. Thus, with the help of laser hair removal systems, you can remove unwanted hairs from your skin with reduced time, energy, and cost. 


  • Steps You Must Know About a Laser Hair Reduction Technique

Remember, laser treatments are not a one-day procedure. Because each hair follicle will follow a different hair growth stage and cycle. Thus, you need to undergo an LHR session with 5–6 weeks of intervals to target all the hair follicles. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it takes at least three to four sessions to completely destroy all unwanted hair. 


Each cycle or LHR session occurs in three steps:

(i) The first step is preparation. LHR will work only in the presence of hair (melanin in the hair absorbs the energy to produce heat). And thus, you’re not supposed to wax, pluck, or shave. Another important step is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun for at least one to two weeks before the laser hair removal procedure

(ii) The second step is the actual hair removal treatment. In this step, the aesthetician or doctor uses handy electronic laser-emitting equipment to target the identified hair follicles. Based on the area in which hairs are to be removed, it takes time for targeting. 

(iii) The third step is care after the LHR treatment. The doctor may assist you with cold water or ice packs to smooth out the discomfort sensation on your skin. Also, they prescribe anti-inflammatory creams or lotions if needed. 

Usually, you can see promising results after the first LHR session. And an impressive 100% reduction of hair growth occurs only after completing all sessions.

LHR is Now Easy and Affordable!

Tamira Aesthetic Healthcare is a renowned and leading hospital for Laser Hair Removal in Chennai with advanced facilities, equipment, and board-certified plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors. 

The laser hair removal cost ranges between INR 2000 and INR 50,000 (which varies depending on the number of sessions and the area of the skin).  


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