How Popular is Facial Hair Transplant?

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2023-03-04 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Hair Transplant
Facial Hair Transplant

TWe must have all heard about hair transplant. And possibly might have known people who would have undergone the procedure. Yes, hair transplant is quite common. But, have you heard about facial hair transplant? Is hair transplant on the face really possible? Yes, this is very similar to a hair transplant and can give great results to individuals who do not have enough facial hair. Many men suffer from patchy hair on the face which does not give them the freedom to experiment with bread or moustache styles. It can also keep them under confident and unhappy. Facial hair transplant offers the right solution and gives the beard/moustache or eyebrows a full appearance. This cosmetic procedure is gaining wide popularity because of the results it offers.

All about Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that help in restoring hair at thinning regions on the face. This could include the beard, moustache, sideburns and the eyebrows. The procedure is done on both genders, men and women. In men, it is common to have the beard and moustache to be enhanced with the procedure. While there are men who would like have a clean shave appearance, some men prefer to have a beard and moustache. They often consider it the sign of their masculinity and would want to experiment with different styles. This wish can become a bane if the facial hair does not grow as required or if it might thin-out with time. With facial hair transplant, men can get to look just as they wish.

The procedure is performed by transplanting hair from the donor site (which is usually the back of the scalp) to the recipient site which is the face. The donor hair can also be taken from regions such as the chest, arms, legs and back. The hair from the scalp is often preferred for the procedure because it is found to be more resistant to hair loss. The cosmetic surgeon will assess the patient thoroughly and divide the face into segments such as lateral and front. The lateral portion covers the jaw, chin and sideburns while the front would be the moustache.

What is interesting is that there is not only moustache and beard transplant, but eyebrow transplant as well. Usually hair from above the ear region is used for an eyebrow transplant. A surgeon would remove hair follicles and transplant it to the eyebrow region.

The procedure is mainly done using two techniques. The FUT or follicular-unit transplantation where a single strap of hair from the back of the head is used to implant hair in the recipient site. Another form is the FUE or follicular-unit extraction where single hair grafts are extracted and placed in the recipient region. A doctor would be able to advice the right technique if needed.

How long does a facial hair transplant take?

Most facial hair transplant procedures would take between 2 to 3 hours, especially the moustache and eyebrow transplant. The exact number of hours depends upon the extent of treatment one needs. If it is to cover patchy areas, this could take a couple of hours. But if you are looking for a full bread transplantation, it can go upto 8 hours. For transplanting 200 to 300 hair grafts, it can take 2 hours. A beard transplant might require between 800 to 1500 hair grafts. This is often done as an out-patient procedure and patients could go home on the same day itself.

Can a beard transplant give somebody with no facial hair a full natural-looking beard?

Yes, a beard transplant is the most permanent solution for patients with beard-related issues. Just like hair transplant, beard transplant would be a solution that stays for the lifetime of the individual. Patchy and thinning beard can be permanently fixed with facial hair transplant.

Are there any scars left after facial hair transplant?

Yes, there can be scarring after the facial hair transplant procedure, both at the donor and the recipient site. However, these scars are so minimal that it cannot be easily visible. Patients need not have to worry about scarring since this would subside with time. And as the hair on the recipient site begin to grow, there will be no chance of scars being seen.

How many grafts are needed to get a full beard by facial hair transplant?

A full beard by facial hair transplant would require anywhere between 3000 to 5000 hair grafts. For a single section of the beard like the sideburns or the moustache, it might take 300 to 800 grafts of hair.

What happens after a facial hair transplant?

Just like in hair transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out in 2 to 4 weeks’ time following a facial hair transplant. New hair will start to grow from this region in 3 to 4 months’ time and in 9 months, the beard would look full and cover most of the face.

What are the benefits of a facial hair transplant?

For men who prefer luscious beard, there are several benefits from facial hair transplant. These include:

  • It can increase the aesthetic appeal and confidence of the person
  • The natural appearance of the person is enhanced and the facial features get more prominent
  • The procedure is relatively painless, with very minimal downtime and care
  • It can help individuals who have suffered hair loss due to burn, cover the scars and get back the hair.

What is the care required after the procedure?

Some important measures to follow are

  • Intake of medications such as anti-biotics and supplements prescribed by the surgeon
  • Sleeping in an elevated position for a few weeks following the procedure
  • Refrain from shaving the beard for 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Avoiding activities such as swimming and excessive exposure to direct sunlight
  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol or smoking for atleast 2 weeks

What are the side effects of a facial hair transplant?

There is a chance of infection, bleeding and scarring after the procedure but these would subside on its own. It is extremely important to get this procedure done from a trained professional. The procedure requires a great amount of skill, precision and experience to give good results. A board-certified surgeon must be chosen for the procedure.

How to know if you are a good candidate for facial hair transplant?

If a patient has healthy hair on the scalp, they are an ideal candidate for the facial hair transplant procedure. If men who experience thinning or baldness in the head, then they would not be suitable for the procedure. Similarly if individuals have a condition such as alopecia universalis (hair loss in the entire body), they would not be possible to under facial hair transplant.

What is the cost of beard transplant in India?

The cost of a bread transplant in India can be between INR 50k to 4 lakhs. In general, facial hair transplantation cost in India can vary widely depending on a variety of factors such as

  • Number of hair grafts needed for the procedure
  • The type of hair transplant technique used
  • The clinic, city and the expertise of the doctor
  • Any additional hospital or post-recovery charges

Hair transplant in India is highly in demand because of the affordability and the advanced use of technology. There is also high safety and results that patient experience with hair transplant done in India. An eyebrow or moustache hair transplant in India would cost between INR 30k to INR 1 lakhs. Facial hair transplant cost in Chennai can be in the range of INR 30k to INR 2.5 lakhs. The main determinant would be the price charged for transplantation for a single hair graft (1 to 3 hair follicles). Facial Hair transplant in Chennai starts at the rate of INR 25 for a single hair graft done using the FUT technique. It can go upto INR 150 for a sigle graft in high-end clinics. There would be a priced difference between the FUT and FUE techniques because of the difference in recovery time, results and the side-effects. FUE treatments would be slightly higher than FUT mainly because of the benefits like less scarring and faster recovery.

Can I get a beard transplant if I had my facial hair removed from electrolysis?

Yes, a person can get a full beard transplantation after getting their hair removed from electrolysis. The hair from the scalp would be used to fill the region of the recipient site in this case.

Facial hair transplant before and after

Beard Transplant Before and After


It is extremely important for the patients to thoroughly understand the procedure, their choice of treatment and the results they could expect. A clinic or surgeon that encourages these conversations with the individual should be preferred. This can help reduce the stress and ambiguity that patients might have. At Tamira, we always prefer to have a thorough consultation and help the patients make the right decision. Facial hair transplant should be done with a high level of care and safety to get the desired results. Good hospital facilities, ability for follow-up questions and care and accessibility to the surgeon must be the deciding factor in choosing the surgeon. These procedures can be life-changing for patients who keenly want to improve their facial hair growth and their confidence.

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