How Does Hair Transplant Work?

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2023-04-11 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific committee
Hair Transplant
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Hair transplant or hair restoration is a technique in which healthy hair follicles are excised from the scalp and are incised into hair loss or balded regions. Prior to knowing about how does hair transplant work, you need to know whether you barely needed a hair transplant. Will you judge yourself by just analyzing your everyday hair fall or hair loss? No. 

A certified and licensed hair transplant surgeon has to examine, analyze, and test if you really need a hair transplant. Or if any other hair loss treatments may work by any chance.    

Hair Transplant Surgery

To understand every side of hair transplant, let’s dive into a question-and-answer mode. 


(i) What is the first step in a hair transplant?

The very first step in a hair transplant is complete diagnosis and interpretation. It involves three further steps. 

  • First, the hair transplant specialist understands the cause of hair loss (heredity, hormonal change, injury). 
  • Second, the specialist checks for the severity and type of hair loss (Stage of hair loss, Norwood Scale, Baldness, androgenic alopecia, etc). 
  • Third, the specialist checks for the eligibility or competency of the patient for a hair transplant surgery. There is no particular age for a hair transplant. However, surgeons wait until 28-30 years to check for chances of hair growth naturally or with the help of other non-surgical treatments. 

Based on these three analyses, the specialist suggests the right hair transplant surgery. 


(ii) How Does Hair Transplant Work?

In the hair transplant technique, the well-nourished hair follicles are removed from healthy donor areas that have strong and thick hair. Mostly, the back of your scalp has such healthy hair follicles. These are removed and inserted into the recipient areas where there is severe hair loss or alopecia. In the due course, the inserted hair follicles shed off the existing hair and grow new hair gradually. 

The donor areas may or may not leave a scar as it depends on the type of hair transplantation. 

Important: Patients mostly assume that they can leave the clinic with hair grown around their hair loss sites. But that’s not possible. It may take from 6-12 months to see the hair growth in the hair transplanted areas. 

After hair transplant surgery, patients are requested to avoid hair washing, severe exercising, scratching, or rubbing for a couple of days. Some medications will be provided for pain relief. And stay patient until the implantation works at its best!  


(iii) Which hair transplantation clinic to choose?

When you choose the hair transplant clinic, consider the following questions in your mind:

  • Whether the clinic or the hospital surgeon has obtained the license to perform hair transplantation?
  • Is the clinic’s facility well-equipped with advanced hair transplant tools and devices?
  • How experienced are the cosmetic surgeons at the clinic?
  • Do they help with the hair transplant scar repair process?
  • Have any patients given positive testimonials or reviews for the clinic? 

Watch the realistic step-by-step FUE Hair transplant in Chennai by TamiraLife Here.


(iv) What are the side effects of hair transplant?

For some patients, swelling or oozing may occur in and around the follicle-extracted areas. This is common and may heal in a couple of days. 

Itching may occur at both follicles extracted and implanted areas. This is also a widespread side effect that most patients experience. Nothing to worry about it until you scratch and injure the transplanted areas. 

Now you do know the in and out of hair transplants, how does hair transplant work & what their types and side effects are, book an appointment with the hair transplant surgeon of your choice! 

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